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The Real Usability of

Successes, issues, and improvements for this website as an example for all websites whose objective is to capture a broad range of visitors.

Usability is vitally important to many areas of the healthcare industry. The user population can broadly be divided into health care professionals, health care administrators, and consumers with no medical training. This talk will outline what is important for these various “user groups”, hone in on what is important for the growing group of “Consumer” users, and do a deep-dive on, which has been in the media for much of this year,

Crescendo-ing…er …“Crash-scendo-ing”…in early October.

This talk will focus on the usability aspects of Attendees will walk away with not only a deep understanding of what did and did not work with the site as it rolled out in early October, but with recommendations relevant to anyone who is a stakeholder for a company or organization who needs their website and other customer touch points to be inviting and promote successful use for a very broad range of visitors.