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ClearUsability offers a range of user experience services including customer research, user interface design, usability evaluation, and competitive product assessments.

Customer Experience Threshold Test
We first work with you to choose your most critical customer touch points (web site, mobile app, social media, etc.) and intended usage. Next, we evaluate them against usability principles and industry best practices. We conclude with an on-site workshop where we work directly with you, stakeholders, and implementation teams to understand the issues and their solutions, and to negotiate those improvements.

Usability Testing
We test real people using your web sites, tablet and mobile applications, and prototypes. We do this in a controlled manner, applying a usability testing methodology that gets real answers and avoids biasing the people we test. Our deliverable is a prioritized list of issues and improvement suggestions.

Field Research
We visit your customers and product users where they use them, observe and interview them, and provide you with an explanation of their usage behaviors.

Focus Groups
We invite your customers in groups to better understand their needs, discuss your products and services, and explore new concepts you are considering. You are able to view these sessions live behind one-way glass.