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Clear Usability offers training on a range of User Experience topics. We offer these as public courses as well as on-site.
Following is a listing of our current training includes the following:

The Usability Testing Experience.
Usability testing is still considered the “acid test” for usability and proper design direction. It grew up with production equipment, consumer products and software, adapted to the internet, and is now conducted in person and remotely. This tutorial provides attendees with a hands-on understanding of the usability testing methodology. Through a combination of lecture and hands-on experience, attendees will be guided in designing, conducting, and analyzing a web site usability test.

Usability Roadblocks to Self-Service Success: How to Identify and Remove Them.
Why is website usability important? Does a website need to be simple, or just clear? How do you prioritize and position the most important items so they are noticed? What is the best way to implement navigation? What should links really look like? What are usability roadblocks and how do you fix them? This workshop reveals areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement, and focuses on what is critical for the design and improvement of easy-to-use websites. Attendees return to the office with a clear understanding of what constitutes user experience issues and roadblocks. In it, they learn redesign options that will fix, improve and enhance the website user experience.

The User Experience Design Step.
In this one-day tutorial, attendees are exposed to a number of traditional and popular methods such as brainstorming, 3×3, and Design Studio, and they participate in creating and iteratively refining the conceptual design for a website under the guidance of a seasoned mentor. Attendees leave with a practical sense of how to create and negotiate useful design improvements.

Customer and User Research Methods.
In this one-day tutorial, attendees are exposed to a range of observational research methods, and they have an opportunity to practice them under the guidance of a seasoned mentor. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to conduct unbiased research and how to identify information that may be fed directly into design.

Mobile User Experience Design Optimization
User experience practitioners are increasingly being asked to design interfaces for small form factor and tablet devices. This tutorial focuses on the principles and practices of mobile interface and interaction design.

See our upcoming events or e-mail us to request one of these classes on-site for your company.